Sunday, August 23, 2015

UPDATE: cherylcolelova / Kyle

cherylcolelova has recently been seen around the hotel sporting transphobic and racist remarks towards other players. He's also known for frequently making fun of Earthdrops' dead mother and fellow dead Habbo player Huntology. So our team here behind the scenes at POH have been digging deep for more information about Kyle so we could exclusively reveal some of his information. 

cherylcolelova's real name is Kyle Valian. His mother's name is Carol and this is her Facebook:  (should you want to add her or send her a message)

I already sent her the following message:

Oh and look at this hilarious photo Kyle looking like a gremlin:

Oh, and that's Superstar Carol Valian herself. And some fat bitch.

And sorry for the lack of recent updates! I've been on vacation.